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The Ukiah Skate Park committee booth

Pumpkinfest is an annual event celebrating Autumn and Halloween in booth-filled downtown Ukiah. The Ukiah Skate Park committee used the event to help us raise money and awareness about building our town a skate park. We had a lollipop pull, ring toss and the popular pumpkin-smashing booth. We injected pumpkins with blue dye to designate winning from losing pumpkins. Winners were given various prized donated from local businesses. We were a 'smashing' success!

A winner is found! Fun for all ages

Also each year at the event, the Ukiah Skate Park committee holds a Skate Jam and competition. Saturday is the competition, broken down by age groups - from the very young (left) to the more advanced skaters (below left). Sunday is an open skate. We set up temporary ramps and railings. It allows the skaters to show off and learn new skills and helps promote the need for a permanent park.

Young skater showing off his stuff Getting the the grind

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Raccoons Redux

In October, we finished up three consecutive seasons (Spring, Summer and Fall) as members of the Raccoons Redux bocce team. We continue to play at Brutacao SchoolHouse Plaza, located in Hopland, about 10 miles south of Ukiah. We're certainly not one of the top-ranked teams, but have a good time playing and visiting. This year's squad at left: Ray, Marie, Mike, Susan, myself and Bob.

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Map of stops made in Italy

As a surprise, Bob's parents told us last Spring that Al (Bob's dad) would be taking us to Italy with him in the Fall. After months of planning we began our journey the last week of October. We spent two marvelous weeks in Italy touring some of the great cities and visiting family. Visit the photo album for your own virtual tour of Italy from Rome to Florence to Venice and into the Italian-Austrian Alps.

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Bob - Thanksgiving, 2005

My folks jetted off to Phoenix, Arizona, to visit my sister and her family, and Katy (Bob's sister) remained in Colorado, so it was a small gathering for Thanksgiving this year - just Bob and myself, his parents and Bob's grandmother. We enjoyed good company, great food, (of course) football and tasty liquid lemon-drops. Bob, left, finishing up his turkey carving duties.

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Trinecom holiday party

Tim opening his Secret Santa gift

In mid-December, I drove down to San Rafael to join my Trinecom and NSG Group co-workers for our holiday party. I am very fortunate to be able to telecommute (one of these days, I'll get some pictures up of my 'office'), so to actually see them is more and more of a rarity. Tim had arranged a Secret Santa gift exchange for all of us to participate in. At left, he gets to bust open the wrapping paper.

Chris and his girlfriend, Lauren, (I swear their future children are going to have the most beautiful eyelashes known to man) check out Chris' gift. Later, Miriam and her husband, Roger, open theirs. I was Miriam's Secret Santa. She has twins going on 3-years-old and 'doesn't get out much' unless it involves play dates, etc. So I created a movie date gift basket including a couple of DVD's, popcorn, candy and a 6-pack of beer!

Chris and Lauren Miriam and Roger - the movies brought to them

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Our tree

We hosted my and Bob's parents and Noni again this year for Christmas dinner. Luckily, my folks caught a break in the seemingly never-ending rains in their drive up from Windsor. We spent the afternoon visiting, opening gifts and eating way too much. I'm very lucky to have all of us get along so well. It reminds me of childhood holiday gatherings where both sets of my grandparents celebrated with us as one big family.

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