Twenty-Year Reunion - August 10-12, 2007

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2007 marked twenty (!) years since the Class of 1987 graduated from Healdsburg High School. The reunion committee members - Sarah Bowers, Pam Driggers, Trish Kuba, Bryan McBurney and Heather Roth - met over the course of a year to plan the weekend's activities. The group expanded on the graduating class list and invited classmates who attended Windsor and/or Healdsburg schools for the majority of their school careers, but for whatever reason (moved, etc.), didn't graduate from Healdsburg High School with the rest of the class. The general concensus was that we had been friends then and everyone should be able to share in the fun of reminiscing about the good ol' days.

Prior to the reunion, a survey was hosted and members of the Class of '87 responded to questions such as, 'What is your strongest memory from high school?' and 'If you had high school to do over again, would you change anything?' to 'Are you looking forward to our 20-year reunion?' and 'If you knew someone was on the fence about attending, what would you say to them to encourage them to attend?'. Check out the results.

Invitations were sent out with the reunion weekend plans and some fun remembrances from the ten-year reunion including favorite music artists, movies, television shows, fashions and after-hours entertainment ventures.

Join us for a recap of the weekend, especially if you were only able to attend a portion of the weekend, or if you were not able to join us at all - come see what you missed! We certainly missed you!!

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Friday, August 10th - Giorgio's Restaurant, Healdsburg

Kicking off the weekend

The first event of the weekend was an informal gathering at Giorgio's Restaurant in Healdsburg. Giorgio's is an 'old-school' establishment, untouched by the wave of tourist-enhancement that has gone on through downtown and is very much the way it was back in the late 1980's. The current owner, Bill Anatasio, was thrilled with the prospect of playing host to our kickoff to the reunion.

Trish, Bryan, Dena and Tammy toasting with jello shots Jeanne, Dena and jello

The party started before we even entered the restaurant's patio area when Dena Paskaly and Tammy Shirley showed with a cooler full of jello shots.

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Reminscing (or refreshing the memory?)

1984-1987 yearbooks on display

Once on the patio, classmates had a chance to pick up a nametag, update their addresses and browse the yearbooks. Edna Sierra and Suzette Martinez looked for pictures of the '85 Homecoming princesses, while Travis Rodgers showed his fiance that he did once have short hair!

Edna and Suzette try to find Homecoming princess photos Travis showing his fiance he did have short hair once

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A toast

The reunion committee - Heather Roth, Trish Kuba, Sarah Bowers, Pam Driggers and Bryan McBurney - took their bows and made a toast to the class of '87 and to a great beginning to the weekend.

The reunion committee - Heather, Trish, Sarah, Pam and Bryan A toast to the Class of '87

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All in the family

Sarah with her son, Felix

The first gathering wasn't for grads only, but included spouses, guests and even kids! Jeanne Randolph admires Sarah Bowers' boy, Felix. Teena King and her daughter Lindsay chat it up and Tammy Shirley tries to coax a smile out of Jackie Biocca's son, Jase.

Teena with her daughter, Lindsay Tammy visiting with Jackie and her son, Jase

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Photo ops

It would be a reunion without making the most of the photo ops! Pictured:

Trish, Caree and Jackie Laura and Chris

Trish Kuba, Caree Connolly and Jackie Jones; Laura Pigsley and Chris O'Gorman

Kristine, Tasha and Tina Trish, Dena, Heather and Pam

Kristine Nielsen, Tashs Ritter and Tina Citro; Trish Kuba, Dena Paskaly, Heather Roth and Pam Driggers

Trish, Bryan and Tracy Kristine and Tina

Trish Kuba, Bryan McBurney and Tracy Christensen; Kristine Nielsen and Tina Citro in a bear hug

It was a beautiful, summer evening and most everyone stayed and closed the restaurant enjoying the time catching up and reminiscing.

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