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Joseph Wight (6th generation)

(Joseph 5, Joseph 4, Henry 3, Thomas 2, Robert 1)

From William Ward Wight's "The Wights - A Record of Thomas Wight of Dedham and Medfield and of his Descendants 1635-1890" (© 1890)...

"...born January 7, 1710, married in Dedham January 13, 1734, Miriam Stanley. Joseph resided in Dedham and his children were born there. His will, naming his sons, Thomas and Henry, executors, was made April 10, 1780, and proved February 28, 1786, but the date of Joseph's death does not appear in the records. Miriam, who united with the Dedham church August 10, 1735, died in Dedham, aged 86, 'of old age,' January 3, 1797. (Hill's Dedham Records, II, 81, 101.)"

"...The record of Miriam Stanley's marriage (Hill's Dedham Records, I, 61) states that she was of Dedham. I do not find any Stanley family in the records, however. The only other Stanley mentioned in either church or town records is Sarah Stanley, a member of the south parish church, who died in 1744."

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The Wight family tree begins with Thomas Wight and continues down to my maternal grandmother, Dorothy Ann Wight. Asterisks mark the generations in my direct family line. I am a 13th-generation member of the Wight family, whose line dates back to the mid-1600's. Some family members names are are underlined. These are links to their biographical information (including siblings), and when available, photos.

  • Joseph Wight (6th generation) *
    • Born: January 7, 1710 in Dedham, Massachusetts
    • Married: January 13, 1734 in Dedham, Massachusetts
      • Spouse: Miriam Stanley
        • Born: date, location unknown
        • Died: January 3, 1797 in Dedham, Massachusetts
      • Child: Anna (Born: March 12, 1735 in Dedham, Massachusetts)
      • Child: Miriam (Born: December 5, 1736 in Dedham, Massachusetts)
      • Child: Henry (Born: November 11, 1738 in Dedham, Massachusetts)
      • Child: Joseph (Born: December 17, 1740 in Dedham, Massachusetts)
      • Child: Samuel (Born: January 2, 1742 in Dedham, Massachusetts)
      • Child: Thomas * (Born: February 23, 1744 in Dedham, Massachusetts)
      • Child: Sarah (Born: Oct. 25, 1747 (died a babe) in Dedham, Massachusetts)
      • Child: William (Born: September, 1750 in Dedham, Massachusetts)
      • Child: Sarah (Born: October 1, 1753 in Dedham, Massachusetts)
    • Died: between 1780-1786 in Dedham, Massachusetts

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Wight Family Tree

Wight family tree

Graphic displays my maternal grandmother's (Dorothy Ann Wight) genealogy, tracing her lineage back to Robert Wight.

Information derived from Dorothy Wight Kendall's writings and research and "The Wights" by William Ward Wight © 1890. Update: Amended January, 2010, to include information derived from the Conover ancestory.

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