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The Langdale line, Langdale Family Tree

It is the sole purpose of each genealogy page is to share the information I have with others. I have only included my direct lines, though I do have additional information on other branches. Some of my personal lines are rather extensive. Should you see a name that fills in a 'leaf' on your tree, please feel free to contact me.

My paternal grandmother, Esther Zella (nee Langdale) Kuba, is the leadoff for these branches of my family tree.

The Langdale family tree has three main branches - the Langdale's, and the Ames' and Northrup/Northrop's lines. For simplicity sake, it can be divided into tiers. The first tier is the Langdale family. The second tier consists of their family ties by marriage to the Ames family. Lastly, the third tier contains the roots of an additional family, that by marrying into the Ames line, are therefore joined into the Langdale line. These are the Northrup/Northrop's (the spelling of the surname changed from Northrup to Northrop at the sixth generation).

The Ames' join our family tree at the Langdale's 3rd generation when Bertha Valentine Ames (3rd generation Ames) married Charles Andrew Langdale. The Northrup/Northop's line married into the Ames' at their 1st generation (Mary Emily Northrop - 7th generation - married Othaniel Ames). The family tree depicted at the bottom of the page should help clarify their relationships.

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The Langdale line

The Langdale family tree begins with Philip Langdale and continues down to my paternal grandmother, Esther Zella Langdale. Asterisks mark the generations in my direct family line. I am an 6th-generation member of the Langdale family, whose line dates back to the late 1700's. Some family members names are are underlined. These are links to their biographical information (including siblings), and when available, photos.

  • Philip Langdale * (1st generation)
    • Born: January or February, 1792 in Yorkshire, England
    • Married: date unknown in England
      • Spouse: Mary Robinson
        • Born: June 29, 1797 in Yorkshire, England
        • Died: June 28, 1881 in Arthur Township, Ontario Province, Canada
      • Child: Robert (Born: March 23, 1826 in Malton, England
      • Child: Charles * (Born: May 27, 1828 in Malton, England
    • Died: August 14, 1876 in Arthur Township, Ontario Province, Canada

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  • Charles Langdale * (2nd generation)
    • Born: May 27, 1828 in Malton, England
    • Married: October 18, 1859 in Canada
      • Spouse: Jane Hay (mother Rebbecka, born in Glasco, Scotland. Later remarried to La Mott)
        • Born: March 27, 1825 in Johnstown, Scotland
        • Died: October 16, 1906 in Delmont, South Dakota
      • Child: Mary Elizabeth (Born: July 16, 1862, location unknown)
      • Child: Charles Andrew * (Born: December 29, 1863 in Arthur Township, Ontario Province, Canada)
      • Child: Jessie Jane (Born: June 2, 1866, location unknown)
    • Died: November 16, 1908 in Delmont, South Dakota

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  • Charles Andrew Langdale * (3rd generation)
    • Born: December 29, 1863 in Arthur Township, Ontario Province, Canada
    • Married: October 26, 1906 in Mitchell, South Dakota
      • Spouse: Bertha Valentine Ames
        • Born: February 14,1888 in Maquoketa, Iowa
        • Died: February 25, 1950 in Santa Rosa, California
      • Child: Clarence Alfred (Born: September 16, 1907 in Delmont, South Dakota)
      • Child: Charles Emery (Born: November 11, 1908 in Delmont, South Dakota)
      • Child: Arnold Melvin (Born: March 20, 1911 in Delmont, South Dakota)
      • Child: Erdine Louise (Born: May 5, 1914 in Delmont, South Dakota)
      • Child: Esther Zella * (Born: December 1, 1917 in Delmont, South Dakota)
      • Child: Marian Arlene (Born: March 5, 1920 in Santa Rosa, California)
      • Child: Glen Ames (Born: October 4, 1923 in Santa Rosa, California)
    • Died: December 26, 1954 in Santa Rosa, California

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  • Esther Zella Langdale * (4th generation)
    • Born: December 1, 1917 in Delmont, South Dakota
    • Married: January 28, 1942 in Las Vegas, Nevada
      • Spouse: Frederick Rudolph Kuba
        • Born: December 31, 1914 in Melitta (now Santa Rosa), California
        • Died: September 8, 1987 in Petaluma, California
      • Child: Allan Fredrick * (my father)
      • Child: Joan Marie
    • Died: October 4, 1998 in Santa Rosa, California

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Langdale Family Tree

Langdale family tree

Graphic displays my paternal grandmother's (Esther Zella Langdale) genealogy, tracing her lineage back to Philip Langdale, our 'founding' father.

Information derived from Esther Zella Langdale's writings and research.

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