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Luther Wight (8th generation)

(Thomas 7, Joseph 6, Joseph 5, Joseph 4, Henry 3, Thomas 2, Robert 1)

From William Ward Wight's "The Wights - A Record of Thomas Wight of Dedham and Medfield and of his Descendants 1635-1890" (© 1890)...

"...born November 27, 1785, removed from Dedham to Norwich with his father in 1792. In 1818, in company with others, he journeyed to the 'far west' and settled in Rockdale, Pa. There he became acquainted with the family of John Pickett. This John was born in 1754, married Mary Buell and lived in Becket, Mass. He served 3 years in the revolutionary army and was 21 years in the Massachusetts legislature. For those days he was a man of wealth but having been obliged to pay the bond of another person in a large amount he became greatly reduced in circumstances and exchanged his remaining property for land in Andover, Ohio. Starting in December, 1817, on his western journey he reached Rockdale after 40 days travel and remained there a year while his Andover land was being made fit for occupation. Here at Rockdale Luther Wight met John Pickett's daughter Mary and here on April 27, 1819, he married her. In 1820 the Wights and Picketts moved to Andover, Ashtabula County, Ohio, where Luther and Mary passed the remainder of their lives and died. There their nine children were born, and Andover has become the old homestead, the pilgrimage place of their scattered descendants. Luther was one of the leading citizens of Andover. He was a farmer, a cabinet-maker, undertaker and general carpenter. John Pickett, whose wife had died before he left Massachusetts, lived in Luther's family until his death in 1840. Luther died April 30, 1860; Mary, who was born July 12, 1791, died October 26, 1871."

"Note: As I write this sketch of Luther Wight I have before me a copy of the Andover Citizen of August 26, 1884, giving an account of a re-union of the descendants of Luther and Mary and their connections, held at Andover, August 21, 1884. The re-union grew out of a visit to Andover of the youngest son Joseph who had been in the farther west for 30 years. Seventy persons, including seven of the above nine children, were present. The other two children although absent were alive and well. The resume of the exercises concludes with a poem composed for the occasion by Carrie, wife of William Samuel Wight (8th generation). "

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The Wight family tree begins with Thomas Wight and continues down to my maternal grandmother, Dorothy Ann Wight. Asterisks mark the generations in my direct family line. I am a 13th-generation member of the Wight family, whose line dates back to the mid-1600's. Some family members names are are underlined. These are links to their biographical information (including siblings), and when available, photos.

  • Luther Wight (8th generation) *
    • Born: November 27, 1785, location unknown
    • Married: April 27, 1819 in Rockdale, Pennsylvania
      • Spouse: Mary Pickett
        • Born: July 12, 1791, location unknown
        • Died: October 26, 1871 in Andover, Ohio
      • Child: Benjamin Pickett (Born: January 25, 1820 in Andover, Ohio)
      • Child: John Norton * (Born: March 30, 1821 in Andover, Ohio)
      • Child: Luther Whiting (Born: January 6, 1823 in Andover, Ohio)
      • Child: Mary Adelaide (Born: July 5, 1824 in Andover, Ohio)
      • Child: William Samuel (Born: March 4, 1826 in Andover, Ohio)
      • Child: James Henry (Born: February 20, 1828 in Andover, Ohio)
      • Child: Joseph Barlow (Born: September 17, 1830 in Andover, Ohio)
      • Child: Lucy Caroline (Born: July 3, 1833 in Andover, Ohio)
      • Child: Eliza Ruth (Born: April 12, 1836 in Andover, Ohio)
    • Died: April 30, 1860 in Andover, Ohio

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  • William Wight
    • Born: April 6, 1772 in Dedham, Massachusetts
    • Married: June 28, 1792, to Sally Morse in Dedham, Massachusetts
    • Children: Rona, Caty
    • Married: March 13, 1797, to Polly Griswold in Norwich, Massachusetts
    • Children: Sophia (Jan. 22, 1798 - Nov. 3, 1798), Sophia (born Dec. 3, 1799), Harriet, Leonard, Willard, John, Rachael, Thomas
    • Died: November 16, 1862 in Cambridge, Illinois
  • Mary Wight
    • Born: November 27, 1773 in Dedham, Massachusetts
    • Married: January 13, 1796 to Samuel Knight in Norwich, Massachusetts
    • Children: unknown
    • Died: date, location unknown
  • Burra Wight
    • Born: September 18, 1776 in Dedham, Massachusetts
    • Died: October 4, 1869 in Norwich, Massachusetts
  • Reuben Wight
    • Born: November 26, 1778 in Dedham, Massachusetts
    • Married: October 23, 1800 to Damaris Pomeroy in Norwich, Massachusetts
    • Children: Emmons, Fanny, Laura, Nancy, Abby, Martha, Hutchins, Semantha
    • Died: March 10, 1819 in Norwich, Massachusetts
  • Willard Wight
    • Born: January 3, 1781 in Dedham, Massachusetts
    • Married: January 22, 1806 to Polly Avery, location unknown
    • Children: Horace Avery, Emmeline, Susanna, Marilla, Warner Whiting, Cordelia Mina, Edward Franklin, Mary Jane
    • Died: November 30, 1861 in Norwich, Massachusetts
  • Susan Wight
    • Born: May 7, 1783 in Dedham, Massachusetts
    • Married: Samuel Williams, date and location unknown
    • Children: Susan Lima, Edward, Lucius and Lucas (twins), Dwight
    • Died: date unknown, Norwich, Massachusetts
  • John Wight
    • Born: August 23, 1787, location unknown
    • Died: date unknown, Falls of St. Lawrence, Canada
  • Betsey Wight
    • Born: June 29, 1793 in Norwich, Massachusetts
    • Married: married into the Freeman family
    • Children: unknown
    • Died: date, location unknown

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Wight Family Tree

Wight family tree

Graphic displays my maternal grandmother's (Dorothy Ann Wight) genealogy, tracing her lineage back to Robert Wight.

Information derived from Dorothy Wight Kendall's writings and research and "The Wights" by William Ward Wight © 1890. Update: Amended January, 2010, to include information derived from the Conover ancestory.

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