Twenty-Year Reunion - August 10-12, 2007

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Saturday, August 11th - Villa Chanticleer, Healdsburg

Setup and decorating

Villa Chanticleer table setting

The second event of the weekend was a gathering truly reminiscent of our high school days, hosted at the Villa Chanticleer. Many a high school event was held here, as were our Senior dinner/dance, proms and Senior breakfast.

The reunion committee and other classmates met early to decorate for the evening, much as we did in high school, setting tables and filling the dance area with balloons.

Balloon crew Memories table

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Starting off the evening

The Class of '87 was greeted with a program and memorabilia table to help get them into 'reunion mode'. We shared classmates' thoughts on the upcoming reunion and how they encouraged the fellow grads to join us and also dipped into the 'remember when' reservoir with 80's movies, TV, music and fashion flashbacks as well as some of our strongest high school memories. Displayed were the 1984-1987 yearbooks, issues of the Hounds Bark and photos from prior reunions.

ROX-ANNE!! This Senior breakfast moment brought back to you by Bryan

Once we moved into the dining room after cocktail hour, our emcee of the evening, Bryan McBurney, delivered a flashback of his own with a rendering of The Police's 'Roxanne', much as he did during our Senior breakfast the day of graduation (though minus the cow print robe).

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Our special guests

On a more serious note, the Class of '87 welcomed some of HHS's faculty as our special guests. Pictured: Rene Kiff, Carol and Noel Adams, Lew Sbrana and Mike Berry. Not pictured: Joel Kiff, Tom Kirkpatrick and Flora Pearl.

Rene Kiff, Carol and Noel Adams Lew Sbrana and Mike Berry - twins in another life?

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Class notables

Ever the ham extraordinaire, Bryan caught the crowd up in the discovery of who in our class laid claim to the following:

  • Newest newlywed: Tim Auger/Rick McDowell - 3 months
  • Married longest: Michelle 'Shelley' Brack - 20 years
  • Newest baby: Irene Silva - 3 months
  • Most kids: Al Licea / Alberto Romo - each has 5 kids
  • Most grandkids: Rob Thiessen - 3!
  • Longest military career: Samuel Lara
  • Longest job with the same company: Mario Robledo (19 years)
  • Most states / countries lived in: Eric Saunders (9 countries)
  • Traveled the further to attend the reunion: Eric Saunders (from the Philippines)
  • Most piercings / tattoos: Dena Paskaly

Before letting the class get back to visiting one another, Bryan introduced them to the legacy being put into action. Similar to Santa Rosa High School's Foundation, Healdsburg High School's Class of '87 is starting our own. Slated to be operational in January, 2008, this non-profit foundation will be used to support all Healdsburg High alumni, current and retired faculty and their families in time of need.

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Smiles abound!

Tammy and Stephanie

The rest of the evening (and how did it fly by so fast?!) was spent enjoying each other's company and dancing the night away. Common interests were found when the conversations steered towards how we now have fun and which hobbies we pursue, along with the 'how we met' stories, once the 'pre-rehearsed reunion statistical speeches' were gotten past.

It was easy to see that everyone was having a good time by the abundance of grins (including Tammy Culver and Stephanie Banfill's) lighting up the room.

Tim and Chris and their wives Trish and Caree

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Auger, Alexandria and Chris O'Gorman; Trish Kuba and Caree Connolly

Albert and George (they used to be Beast and Mick - remember?) Grant, his wife Jen, Matt and his wife, Kathy

Albert Romo and George Dondero (remember when they used to be called 'Beast' and 'Mick'?). They're lookin' pretty corporate!; Grant and Jen Butler, Kathy and Matt Berry

Aram and his girlfriend, Katia Dennis a.k.a. 'Humpy'

Aram Sohigian and his girlfriend, Katia (who burned up the dance floor with their salsa moves, giving Mrs. Pearl a run for her money!); Dennis 'Humpy' Campos

Tracy, Tina, Jeanne, Kristine, Chris and Jackie Jennifer (class of '88) and Cheree

The party table - Tracy Christensen, Tina Citro, Jeanne Randolph, Kristine Nielsen, Chris Macri and Jackie Biocca; Jennifer Teague (class of '88 - the youngun's are still crashing our parties! hehe) and Cheree Tappin

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