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The Kendall line, Kendall Family Tree

It is the sole purpose of each genealogy page is to share the information I have with others. I have only included my direct lines, though I do have additional information on other branches. Some of my personal lines are rather extensive. Should you see a name that fills in a 'leaf' on your tree, please feel free to contact me.

My maternal grandfather, Calvin Wells Kendall, is the leadoff for these branches of my family tree.

The Kendall family tree has many branches. For simplicity sake, it can be divided into tiers. The first tier is the Kendall family. The second tier consists of their family ties by marriage to the Burnham and Andrews families. Lastly, the third tier contains the roots of additional families, that by marrying into the Burnham line, are therefore joined into the Kendall line. These are the Hibbard's, Murdock's, Davidson's, and Spaulding's.

The Burnham's join our family tree at the Kendall's 2nd generation when Fanny Flavilla Burnham (9th generation Burnham) married Young Ichabod Kendall. The Andrews' line married into the Burnham's at their 4th generation (Dorothy Andrews - 3rd generation - married Ebenezer Burnham). Also off the Burnham's branch, the Hibbard's join the family ranks by the marriage of James Burham (8th generation) to Fannie Hibbard (5th generation). Lastly, Hibbard's branch off themselves into the Davidson's and Spaulding's (4th generation Roger Hibbard married Sarah Davidson, whose mother was a Spaulding) and the Murdock's (3rd generation Moses Hibbard married Hannah Murdock). The family tree depicted at the bottom of the page should help clarify their relationships.

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The Kendall line


The English surname KENDALL is topanymic in origin, being derived from the place where the original bearer once dwelt. In this case, the surname indicates one who resided "at Kendall", a small market town in the beautiful Lake District in Cumbria. The place name itself is derived from "Kent dale", meaning "valley of the River Kent" on which the town grew up, and in the Middle Ages, the town was renowned for the production of "Kendall green", a strong woven cloth akin to the "Lincoln green" worn by Robin Hood. The town was an important stronghold in the north, and the remains of its early Norman castle are still to be seen (circa 1982). The surname is now met frequently in north Lancashire, particularly around Furness. It is first documented in the Fourteenth Century when one Sir Edmonde de Kendale was a Baron during the reign of Edward II (1307-1327) while one John de Kandale is recorded in the Subsidy Rolls of Lancashire in the year 1332. In the Poll Tax Returns of Yorkshire in 1379, we note one Johannes de Kendall, one Thomas de Kandale, one Edmundus de Kendall, and one Johannes de Kandall, 'webster' (a 'weaver'). In May, 1414, King Henry V created his brother John of Lancaster Earl of Kendal and Duke of Bedford, prior to the King's campaign in France which concluded in the Battle of Agincourt. One Sir John Kendal (died 1501) was elected the Turcopolier of the Order of St. John in 1477 and claimed to be descended from the Sir Edmonde noted above, while King George I endowed his mistress Ermengarde Schulenberg with the title of Duchess of Kendal in 1716. (The Historical Research Center)

Family motto: Virtus Depressa Resurget - Virtue, Downtrodden, Will Rise Again

Genealogical information

The Kendall family tree begins with Alphens (Alpheus?) Kendall and continues down to my maternal grandfather, Calvin Wells Kendall. Asterisks mark the generations in my direct family line. I am an 8th-generation member of the Kendall family, whose line dates back to the early 1800's. Some family members names are are underlined. These are links to their biographical information (including siblings), and when available, photos.

  • Alphens (Alpheus?) Kendall * (1st generation)
    • Born: date unknown, Weathersfield, Windsor County, Vermont
    • Married: March 8, 1810 in Weathersfield, Vermont
      • Spouse: Lucy Young
        • Born: date, location unknown
        • Died: date, location unknown
      • Child: Young Ichabod * (Born: 1814, Brooksfield or Wethersford, Vermont)
    • Died: date, location unknown

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  • Young Ichabod Kendall * (2nd generation)
    • Born: 1814 in Weathersfield, Windsor County, Vermont or Brookfield, Orange County, Vermont
    • Married: November 6, 1832 (or December 4, 1834 - records vary) in Waitsfield, Washington County, Vermont
      • Spouse: Fanny Flavilla Burnham
        • Born: December 8, 1814 in Brookfield, Orange County, Vermont
        • Died: October 27, 1835 (or 29th - records vary) in Branley's Veil, Kirby County, Vermont
      • Child: Alonzo Burnham (A.B.) * (Born: October 18, 1835 - twin - in Bethel, Windsor County, Vermont or Branley's Veil, Kirby County, Vermont)
      • Child: Melissa Flavilla (Born: October 18, 1835 - twin - in Bethel, Windsor County, Vermont or Branley's Veil, Kirby County, Vermont)
    • Married: March 31, 1857, location unknown
      • Spouse: Josephine Maria Riford
        • Born: October 12, 1823 in Braintree, Orange County, Vermont
        • Died: June 29, 1859 in Braintree, Orange County, Vermont
    • Married: May 24, 1860 in Randolph, Orange County, Vermont (his 4th, no record of his 3rd however)
      • Spouse: Margaret (nee Albee) Partridge
        • Born: April 13, 1822/6 in Thetford, Orange County, Vermont
        • Died: April 14, 1906 in Boonville, California
    • Died: March 27, 1890 in Boonville, California

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  • Alonzo Burnham (A.B.) Kendall * (3rd generation)
    • Born: October 18, 1835 in Bethel, Windsor County, Vermont or Branley's Veil, Kirby County, Vermont
    • Married: October 27, 1859 in Boonville, California (widowed)
      • Spouse: Martha Helen Blake
        • Born: date unknown in Kosciusko County, Indiana
        • Died: 1884
      • Child: Diana M. (Born: March 14, 1861 in Boonville, California)
      • Child: Lon Burnham (Born: February 15, 1863 in Boonville, California)
      • Child: Frederick Wilson * (Born: May 9, 1865 in Boonville/Alexander Valley, Mendocino County, California)
      • Child: Courtney Leon (Born: September 21, 1870 in Manchester, Mendocino County, California)
      • Child: Edith Mabel (Born: October 1, 1880 in Manchester, Mendocino County, California)
    • Married: May 2, 1888 in Boonville, California
      • Spouse: Mary James Sears
        • Born: July 29, 1858 in Independence, Missouri
        • Died: August 9, 1958 in Loma Linda, California
      • Child: Lowell Elwood (Born: March 28, 1889 in Manchester, Mendocino County, California)
      • Child: Edna (Born: September 17, 1892 in Manchester, Mendocino County, California)
      • Child: Thelma K. (Born: March 11, 1895 in Manchester, Mendocino County, California)
    • Died: February 24, 1929 in Ukiah, California

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  • Frederick Wilson Kendall * (4th generation)
    • Born: May 9, 1865 in Alexander Valley, Mendocino County, California
    • Married: May 19, 1886 in Manchester, California
      • Spouse: Bertha Adeline Walker
        • Born: July 20, 1868 in Redwood City, California
        • Died: December 14, 1952 in Costa Mesa, California
      • Child: Alfred Alonzo (Born: March 8, 1887 in Manchester, California)
      • Child: Roy Raymond (Born: October 30, 1888 in Manchester, California)
      • Child: Ethel (Born: June 8, 1890 in Manchester, California)
      • Child: Courtney Clare * (Born: June 23, 1892 in Pt. Arena, California)
      • Child: Doris (Born: June 16, 1894 in Manchester, California)
      • Child: Lee Russell (Born: June 22, 1897 in Gualala, California)
      • Child: Merle (Born: November 4, 1898 in Manchester, California)
      • Child: LaVerna (Born: January 25, 1907 in Manchester, California)
    • Died: May 18, 1934 in Santa Rosa, California

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  • Courtney 'Clare' Kendall * (5th generation)
    • Born: June 23, 1892 in Pt. Arena, California
    • Married: April 17, 1916, location unknown
      • Spouse: Maida V. Gardner
        • Born: date, location unknown
        • Died: date, location unknown
      • Child: Gardner Warren (Born: May 16, 1918 "The Island" (Hanford), California)d
      • Child: Calvin Wells * (Born: April 18, 1920 in Hanford, California)
    • Died: April, 1967 in Sebastopol, California

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  • Calvin Wells Kendall * (6th generation)
    • Born: April 18, 1920 in Hanford, California
    • Married: November 28, 1947 in Santa Rosa, California
      • Spouse: Dorothy Ann Wight
        • Born: September 29, 1917 in Richfield, Utah
        • Died: February 11, 1995 in Sebastopol, California
      • Child: Jeffrey Dwight was adopted by Calvin, his surname changed to Kendall
      • Child: Shirley Dee * (my mother)
    • Died: February 27, 1999 in Sebastopol, California

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Kendall Family Tree

Kendall family tree

Graphic displays my maternal grandfather's (Calvin Wells Kendall) genealogy, tracing his lineage back to Alphens (Alpheus?) Kendall, our 'founding' father.

Information derived from 'The History of the Kendalls - 1992' (Dorothy A. Wight Kendall).

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