My Family

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Meet my immediate family. Unfortunately, all my grandparents have passed, but they leave a great legacy. Both my grandmothers did extensive genealogies - some dating back to the 1500's! I have put as much information as possible on each family line on this website (see the sitemap for more details), as well as individual biography pages for notable family members.

On my mother's side are the Wight's (my grandmother's family) and the Kendall's (my grandfather's). The Wight's also branch out (by marriage) into the Avery's and the Whiting's. The Kendall's branch out via marriage as well into the Burnham's and Andrews, Davidson's, Murdock's, Spaulding's and Hibbard's.

On my father's side, there are the Langdale's (my grandmother's) and the Kuba's (my grandfather's). The Kuba's have a single branch by marriage, the Pallasch(ova)'s, whereas the Langdale's branches include the Ames' and Northrup/Northrop's.

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My grand- parents

Grandpa Fred Kuba Grandma Esther (Langdale) Kuba

My paternal grandparents - Esther (Langdale) Kuba and Fred Kuba. Fred and Esther married in Las Vegas, Nevada, in January, 1942. They had two children - my dad Allan, and my aunt Joan.

Grandma Dorothy (Wight) Kendall Grandpa Cal Kendall

My maternal grandparents - Dorothy (Wight) Kendall and Cal Kendall. Cal and Dorothy married in Santa Rosa, California, in November, 1947. They also had two children - my uncle Jeff, and my mom Shirley Dee. Jeff would have three children - Gary, David and Heather - my first cousins.

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My parents

Mom - Dee Kendall Dad - Allan Kuba

My mom, Shirley (Dee) Kendall - Analy High School graduation, 1966 (Sebastopol, California).

My dad, Allan Kuba - Santa Rosa High School graduation, 1964 (Santa Rosa, California).

My parents married in Santa Rosa, California, in February, 1969.

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My siblings

Tricia Kuba Toni Kuba

Me (Healdsburg High School graduation, 1987) and my sister Toni (Healdsburg High School graduation, 1990).

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Our spouses

Trish and Bob Ken and Toni

My hubby, Bob Beltrami, and I on our wedding day (July, 2004 - Ukiah, California). Toni, and her hubby, Ken McLaughlin, on their wedding day (January, 1992 - Windsor, California).

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My nephews

My nephews, Kevin and Bryan, Christmas 2004 My nephew, Bryan McLaughlin, 2002 My nephew, Kevin McLaughlin, 1994

My nephews - the McLaughlin boys. From left to right: Kevin, a baby in 1994; my second nephew, Bryan, celebrating his 1st birthday in 2002; and the boys in their Christmas picture, 2004.

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My in-laws

Pat Beltrami, my mother-in-law My father-in-law, Al Beltrami, and his mother, Annie My sister-in-law, Katy Beltrami

My in-laws - the Beltrami's. From left to right: my mother-in-law, Pat (Patricia); my father-in-law, Al (Albert) and his mother, Annie (Anatasia); and my sister-in-law, Katy.

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Gone now, but never to be forgotten

Annie (Anatasia) Beltrami - RIP September 2008

In September of 2008, we lost a living legacy. Annie (Anatasia) Beltrami passed at 99-1/2-years-old. Noni was a part of my family for just a few years, but she was such a joy. She loved telling stories of her life in Italy and tales of being a new immigrant to America. She was wise and full of love and I am proud that she was a part of my life and family.

Mom - RIP August 2009, Pat Beltrami - RIP October 2009

Within just two months of each other, I lost the two most important women in my life - my mom in August of 2009 and my mother-in-law, Pat, in October. They were my confidants, my best friends, my mentors, my biggest cheerleaders. I was truly blessed to have not one, but two, wonderful mothers.

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