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Henry Wight (3rd generation)

(Thomas 2, Robert 1)

From William Ward Wight's "The Wights - A Record of Thomas Wight of Dedham and Medfield and of his Descendants 1635-1890" (© 1890)...

"...born , settled with his parents in Dedham in 1637. He became a member of the church August 14, 1646, and was admitted a freeman May 26, 1647. (Register III. 191.) In 1652 is recorded the sales of two acres of land which 'Thomas Wight doe alienate and grante unto Henery Wight his sonne.' About the time of this grant occurred Henry's marriage to Jane Goodenow of Sudbury. Henry Wight remained in Dedham when the remainder of his father's family removed to Medfield. He is first mentioned in Dedham records in connection with town affairs in 1653, having been appointed to the discharge of a town office. In 1658 he was made constable by the General Court. He was selectman for ten years, his first service being in 1661, (Mann's Annals, 79) and he held that office at his death. In 1665 is recorded a grant of 120 acres from the town to Henry Wight. The records furnish few instances of so large a gift and no reason is assigned for a favor so unusual. On February 24, 1672-3, Henry Wight was one of the three Dedham citizens appointed to lay out a house lot for Rev. Samual Mann at Wrentham, and to take care about the church lot there. Henry is mentioned in his father's will as 'my eldest son,' 'my well beloved son,' and is appointed one of his executors. Henry received by this will all his father's 'houses and lands lying and being in Dedham.' This devise included the original grant of 12 acres from the town to Thomas Wight."

"Henry's children were born in Dedham, and here he died intestate, February 27, 1680, or, as the record puts it, 'Sergt. Henery Wight deceased 27:12:80.' (Hill's Dedham Records I, 15.) Under March 14, 1680, occurs the following, 'At a Generall Meeting it was proposed to the Town whether they would chose another selectmean in the room of Sergt. Wight, deceased.' Power to administer upon his estate was granted Apil 26, 1681 'unto Jane, his relict widow and Joseph Wight his eldest son.' The inventory, accepted two days later, aggregated £524.1.0. (Suffolk County Probate Records, Vol. 9., 21.)"

"Jane Wight, who had joined the church June 12, 1653, died in Dedham, May 16, 1684. Her estate inventoried £462.08.03 - Joseph Wight and Nathaniel Chickering being administrators."

"Note 2. Jane Goodenow was daughter of John and Jane Goodenow, who in April, 1638, emigrated from Semley, Wiltshire, Eng., in the Confidence, from Southampton, John Jobson, master. John Goodenow was 42 years of age at that time. (Register XIV. 335.) He died March 28, 1654. His will, allowed May 24, 1654, gave one-half of his estate (after a life estate in his wife and certain legacies) to his daughter, Jane Wight, and appointed his 'sonne in law Henery Wite' his executor. (Register XIX. 43.) Variation in the orthography of surnames was not uncommon in early New England. See Barry's Framingham, 264, where Henry Wayte or Wight, of Dedham, is mentioned as the husband of Jane."

"Note 3. Dates of admission to church membership and to freemanship afford only scant clues to birth dates. On May 18, 1631, the General Court of Massachusetts ordered that none be made freemen except church members, and on May 4, 1634, said Court provided that the oath of freemen should be given only to men of or above 16 years of age."

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The Wight family tree begins with Thomas Wight and continues down to my maternal grandmother, Dorothy Ann Wight. Asterisks mark the generations in my direct family line. I am a 13th-generation member of the Wight family, whose line dates back to the mid-1600's. Some family members names are are underlined. These are links to their biographical information (including siblings), and when available, photos.

  • Henry Wight (3rd generation) *
    • Born: date, location unknown
    • Married: date, location unknown
      • Spouse: Jane Goodenow
        • Born: date, location unknown
        • Died: May 16, 1684 in Dedham, Massachusetts
      • Child: John (Born: December 13, 1652, in Dedham, Massachusetts)
      • Child: Joseph * (Born: May 11, 1654, in Dedham, Massachusetts)
      • Child: Daniel (Born: November 24, 1656, in Dedham, Massachusetts)
      • Child: Benjamin (Born: June 18, 1659, in Dedham, Massachusetts)
      • Child: Jonathan (Born: July 2, 1662, in Dedham, Massachusetts)
    • Died: February 27, 1860 in Dedham, Massachusetts

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  • John Wight
    • Born: date unknown
    • Married: Anne
    • Children: Abihaile
    • Died: September 28, 1653 in Medfield, Massachusetts
  • Thomas Wight
    • Born: date unknown
    • Married: Mehetabel Cheney
    • Children: Mehetabel, Thomas, Mary, Eleazar, Joshua
    • Died: date unknown
  • Mary Wight
    • Born: date unknown
    • Married: May 21, 1657, to Thomas Ellis in Medfield, Massachusetts
    • Children: Judith, Mary, Abielle, Samuel, Thomas (Jan. 10, 1666 - 1670), Patience, Ruth, Thomas, Joanna
    • Died: March 7, 1693 in Medfield, Massachusetts
  • Samuel Wight
    • Born: February 5, 1639 in Dedham, Massachusetts
    • Married: March 25, 1663 to Hannah Albee in Medfield, Massachusetts
    • Children: Hannah (Mar. 25, 1664, died the same year), Samuel, Hannah, John, Nathaniel, Benjamin, Abigail, Joseph, Jonathan
    • Died: December 21, 1716 in Medfield, Massachusetts
  • Ephraim Wight
    • Born: January 27, 1645 in Dedham, Massachusetts
    • Married: March 2, 1668 to Lydia Morse in Medfield, Massachusetts
    • Children: Lydia, Esther, Ephraim, Miriam, Nathaniel, Daniel, Bethia, Deborah, Ruth
    • Died: February 26, 1722-3 in Medfield, Massachusetts

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Wight Family Tree

Wight family tree

Graphic displays my maternal grandmother's (Dorothy Ann Wight) genealogy, tracing her lineage back to Robert Wight.

Information derived from Dorothy Wight Kendall's writings and research and "The Wights" by William Ward Wight © 1890. Update: Amended January, 2010, to include information derived from the Conover ancestory.

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